Un-finished Wood Flooring - On Site Finishing

Prefinished Wood Flooring

Un-finished Wood Flooring

Both our Great Camps Wide Plank Engineered Hard Wood Floor Collection and the New York Standards Solid Plank Wood Floor Collection are available pre-fhed or unfinished.

Floors that are finished on site are available in your choice of Color (see chart) and Sheen ( from a Satin to a High Gloss). The only limitation is YOUR imagination!

We use a central Dust Collection System that reduces the dust created from sanding.


Engineered Wide Plank Flooring

Oil Modified Polyurethane

Oil Modified Polyurethane is generally the most common surface finish and is easy to apply. It is a petroleum base with a blend of synthetic resins, plasticizers and other film forming ingredients that produces a durable surface that is moisture-resistant. It is a solvent-base polyurethane that dries in about eight hours. This type of finish ambers with age. and comes in different sheen levels.

Fabulon finishes are known as the top of the line, for durability, innovation and quality. This product is known by professionals and homeowners as one of the finest, long-lasting polyurethanes on the market It has exceptionally high polyurethane resin content that assures maximum durability, excellent body and a long lasting no wax finish. It never needs waxing. This finish provides an easy-to-care for "coat of protection" on wood floors. Fabulon Heavy-Duty polyurethane is also available in a low VOC version where required by law.

Fabulon Heavy-Duty Polyurethane is available in three sheens: Super-Gloss, Semi-Gloss & Satin

Engineered Wide Plank Flooring

Water-Based Polyurethane

Water-based polyurethane is a water-borne urethane with a blend of synthetic resins, plasticizers and other film forming ingredients that produces a durable surface that is moisture-resistant. These finishes are clear and non-yellowing and are different sheen levels. They have a milder odor than oil-modified finishes have and they dry in about two to three hours. Water-based urethanes are generally more expensive

For over 90 years, Bona has provided hardwood floor finishing professionals with the world's finest hardwood floor products. Bona has been the trusted source for all hardwood flooring products and is the industry leader amongst flooring professionals. Known for high quality products, training, and customer service worldwide.

Bona’s Waterborne Hardwood Floor Finish has professional grade performance with easy application and water clean-up. The low VOC’s meet or exceed all local, state, and federal standards.

Pacific Strong is a two-component, VOC compliant waterborne finish finish. Used in high-traffic residential or commercial applications. This easy-to-apply, non-yellowing formula dries in one to two hours. Available in gloss and silk mat. Pacific Strong is the most popular waterborne finish worldwide, and is the original worldwide standard for waterborne finishes

Prefinished Wood Flooring

Northeast Natural Finishes
A Finish Made from Whey!

After years of working on wood floors we are excited to find a finish that is not only safe for you, your children and pets and made in an environmentally conscious way – but is durable and dries in hours with no lingering odor!

Poly Whey® is a durable, safe, easy to use finish that meets the highest professional and environmental standards. Toxic components traditionally found in wood finish are displaced with recycled whey protein (a by product of cheese-making). A neutral odor, great coverage, quick drying, and easy clean-up make the Poly Whey family of finishes tough, environmentally smart coatings for all interior and exterior wood surfaces.





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