What is factory finished hardwood?

What is factory finished hardwood? Factory finished, or pre-finished, hardwood is flooring that is sanded, stained, and finished before delivery to the build site. In the case of most renovation jobs, where the original flooring is being restore, finishing must happen on site. Renovators have to play it where it lays, so to speak. However, if flooring is being entirely replaced or built from scratch, pre-finished hardwood offers many advantages.

How to customize your floors by color, sheen, and texture

How would you describe your personal home décor style? This is the first question you should ask when you begin thinking about replacing old flooring. Spend some time in your favorite room and make a note of the features that make it feel like home to you. Is your style bohemian eclectic? Classic coastal style? Modern minimalistic? Knowing the style you like will help you make decisions about the details, like flooring.